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Discover the best version of yourself with expert strengths® coaching exclusively for expats. We work to rebuild expats’ ambitions, drive them to apply these talents resulting in them being more engaged and productive both at home and at work. Strengths®coaching rooted in the theories of positive psychology, encourages individuals to have a natural curiosity towards life and quickly apply them to enrich their lives.

Unlock Your Natural Strengths

Learn strategies to make the most of life abroad
Increase happiness & confidence
Reduce expat frustrations
Find new ways to talk to your kids

What is Clifton Strengths?

Clifton Strengths is an assessment tool that helps identify your areas of talent by asking you questions that build a profile of your most natural thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Many people are already aware of these natural patterns but are:

a) unlikely to be able to communicate them with others in a way that everyone understands
b) unable to direct these behaviours towards the most productive outcomes

Clifton Strengths is geared to do these exact things. It creates a shared language you can use and by creating a coaching framework that guides your talents in the direction of performance.

Discover Your Strengths

CliftonStrengths is now used by 1.6 million employees every year.
CliftonStrengths is now used by 467 Fortune 500 companies.
CliftonStrengths is based on a 40-year study of human strengths.
People who focus on their strengths are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.
Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% higher productivity.
Children who have Strength Based Parents cope with conflict in more pro-active ways and have lower levels of stress.
Strength based parenting provides children with optimism and resilience.

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Our Approach

Complete the CliftonStrengths assessment online (45 minutes)
Strengths Discovery sessions - Virtual or face to face
Ongoing support via Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter

Who We've Worked With

I had the chance to do several coaching session with Gemma while I was in a difficult stage of my life. She was able to tailor perfectly all the exercises and techniques to my needs which was impressive as we certainly covered a vast array of topics. She was by my side, making sure I felt very supported or challenged when required. I certainly recommend Gemma as a coach.
- Lucile Falguieres, General Manager
I liked the coaching sessions as it allowed me to deeply think about myself. I learned that the more aware I am on my reactions I am on the right track to achieve what I want. I did not experience any judgment and this is very important when you open yourself to someone.Gemma has a very positive attitude, always focused and with great listening and communication skills. She has a lot of passion in coaching and a strong sense of quality in her work.
- Bianca Bara, Expat in Abu Dhabi
Senior Sales Manager at Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi
I was looking for someone who could provide personalised coaching to myself and a new member of my team. Gemma's relaxed but attentive approach put us at ease quickly even via Skype. She used various exercises to help us understand CliftonStrengths and more importantly how our key strengths work well and not so well together. Its such an interesting topic and so useful when you see it come to life in the workplace. Really looking forward to the next session...
- Steph Hedger, British expat in Dubai
Group Real Estate Manager
When started on this unknown venture of Strength training I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would get out of it, but it has been an amazing journey so far.

At first I felt I was struggling with seeing the positives on all of my characteristics and “talents” but with Gemma’s guidance, and positive support and by delving deeper into the Gallup strengths explanations, I now feel it’s opened my eyes, on how these talents (which I didn’t even realise I had or know how to utilise) can be developed to create positive outcomes for myself along with seeing how I can use them to help and influence others in my work and home life.

Doing the training in a group environment has really brought it home to me how different peoples characters and strengths are and that actually it’s great to be surrounded by such contrasting and dynamic people.

Thanks again Gemma to leading the way to all the “light bulb” moments! 
- Jo Keaney, British expat in sri lanka
Gemma (Curious Monkey) has been coaching me on numerous occasions regarding kick-starting my project. From the onset, Gemma manages to ask you thought-provoking questions which make you prioritise and process what's important to you. She is professional & friendly and I always look forward to my session with her. At the end, I am always feeling invigorated, refreshed and incredibly motivated to work on my project! I also always leave with strong actionables and ideas to enact. Thank you so much, Gemma, for being my inspiration! I would recommend your coaching to anyone.
- Laura Pardoe, british Expat in dubai
Managing Partner at Grow, Dubai
I felt very positive after our 2-day group strength training sessions with Gemma. Gemma is genuine and approachable in her style - she uses personal and real anecdotes in her training sessions, making the concepts feel very relatable.
Strength Training allowed us to identify our talents and be able to identify when to use them like reaching for the right tools in a tool box. I began to find that day to day challenges, small or large, no longer seemed insurmountable. I am able to hone in on my strengths to have control over how I choose to tackle challenges/projects. As a relationship person I also wish I had known about strength training earlier in life! Learning about Clifton Strengths also allows you to better navigate relationships with others who are likely leading with a different set of talents than your own. The sessions have continued to benefit me and I highly recommend them!
- Mary Prothero, Expat in Sri lanka
In the daily task of being parents, we have moments of frustration especially when we do not get the children to do what they "should" do. This happens especially because although we try many ways to communicate our requests, we usually use the same methods waiting for different results that never arrive and this exhausts us.

When we finally decide to speak with third-party experts, hear the experiences of other parents is when we are almost feeling that we are failing as parents. However, that first step is a big step. Questioning ourselves and being humbly willing to learn from others is already a great advance.

Participating in the coaching sessions with Gemma was very revealing and enriching. It was an "eye opener" because it made me discover that all that effort to be the best mom I can be, was not going to be fruitful if I continue focusing on what does not work. The course in a very didactic way leads one to find our own answers. Based on recognize and name our strengths and those of our children the challenge is to focus and work from them. Of course, it requires an additional effort and is not something that will happen overnight. It requires work and training! In my case, after the course, I feel that now I have new tools to work and I am excited by the approach from which I can do it. The result of the course was very satisfactory.

I highly recommend that parents approach this vision through this course. Gemma is a very clear person, practice, mom with wonderful examples, who is a dynamic and fun way guide and introduce a new way of relating to our children from love and admiration.
- Silvia Restrepo, Expat in Sri Lanka
I was going through some personal issues and was advised by my sisters that I should speak to a therapist about my concerns. Around the same time, I met Gemma and when I found out that she was a coach, i had instantaneously asked if she could help me out. It was the best impromptu decision I had made because coaching under Gemma (as cliched as it may sound) changed my life! We discovered what was the root cause of the issue I had and how to handle and deal with there-forth. She did this by intently understanding my issues and thereafter made me think and answer, with the questions and suggestions she posed, on how it can be solved and how I can move forward, positively.

To be honest, I was apprehensive at the start about how this coaching would go, as I had not opened to anyone nor seek any professional help for it, but Gemma made it so easy to talk to. It was her warmness and her way of making me feel comfortable right throughout that helped me to talk about it and I remember feeling so much happier and lighter after the session was done.

One month after the session I can say how, with the help of creating “ a toolbox”, my approach towards things have changed drastically.  I am ever so grateful I came across this amazing coach that I have recommended her to all my friends and family on how they should all try her out.
- Kala Perry
Gemma is operating in her strengths. I just completed a group course she facilitated on family/marriage/parenting and am so aware of why different family members behave in certain ways, and why I react the way that I do. I've become much more compassionate and am slow to react to former annoyances. I'm impressed with how easily I can see where others are "coming from" and not take their actions personally. I even had my daughter take the children's assessment to help uncover what lights her up, and see how I can relate to her better.
- Melissa McCloud, American expat in sri lanka
What I loved about Strength Training with Gemma, is that through subtle but highly effective coaching, I was finally giving myself permission to actually be my Strengths, own them, and stop downplaying them. There were so many "A-ha" moments during the training, but alongside those, it also throws up so many questions and queries. Having Gemma alongside us, with her boundless enthusiasm and positivity, to support and explain things, really meant I could maximise my understanding and therefore utilise my Strengths with more confidence and ease.

The Group sessions are also invaluable, for giving you insight into the nature of other people's Strengths. Its made me less judgemental, towards both myself and others, hence close relationships of all natures can only benefit.

I am really looking forward to continuing with Gemma, on the Parenting Strength Training, it's been a revelation. Big thanks Gemma for bringing so much energy, positivity, clarity and understanding to such a wonderful process.
- Louise Wint, british expat in sri lanka
Product manager
As a German living in Switzerland, I felt very understood by Gemma who is an excellent Expat-Coach. Her clear structure in her coaching style paired with her great empathy and intuition is a huge help for me to progress in my journey to discover myself.

On the one hand, I admire how well she knows her way around the talents of the strength-finder. Cristal clear she helped me to discover connections of my talents which I wasn’t aware of before. On the other hand, Gemma has a great talent for visualization which can be very helpful to get over fears and negative feelings.

Thanks to one session with her when she used this technique I overcame my fear of being criticised. Which makes my life so much easier! 

I can warmly recommend her as a coach!
- Alex Philipona, german EXPAT IN switzerland
I recently completed a group class with Curious Monkey, wasn't sure what to expect. I wanted a reset button to re-find myself. Gemma helped me accomplish all of this and more. She helped break “it” all down and find the right tools to utilize my strengths on a daily basis. Her positivity and honesty enabled me to move past the trailing spouse, wife, and mom labels. Now, I am using my strengths daily; my family is communicating better and we are having more laughter. This course has been a game changer in my expat life.
- Kristen Carpenter, american expat in sri lanka
I went through the unfortunate experience of being made redundant from my offshore role halfway through my Strengths Training sessions with Gemma. Fortunately, the coaching I had already received allowed me to transition through the event with positivity and anticipation for how I would use my talents to move forward and explore new career opportunities.

I found the discovery and confirmation of my talents gave me a real boost, and even just the knowledge of having these tools gave me the confidence to seek out possibilities that I may have otherwise been sceptical of.

Thank you Gemma for helping me to unpack my magic tool kit!
- Kirsten johnson, british expat in sri lanka

Ready to Transform Your Life?

1:1 Coaching
Discovery Session
3 Hrs
Deep Dive
6 Hrs
This is the package for you if you prefer to have privacy and focus of coaching one to one. During the discovery session we will focus on each one of your talents. You will learn to apply the unique edge that you have.

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If you opt to go for the deep dive package we can take your understanding to the next level. We will start to apply your talents towards your current goals.

Both packages includes Clifton Strengths Assessment.

Starting from 499USD

Team Coaching
strengths workshops
6 Hrs
Strengths talk
2 Hrs
Strengths Workshops are a great way to discover the talents of everyone as a team.

Workshops take place either virtually or in the classroom. A variety of interactive and memorable activities form the foundation of the workshop. We will explore in depth the benefits of having a strength based team.

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If you want to quickly get your entire team or group on board with the concept of a strengths approach having an intercative presentation is the best option for you.

Participants will gain a general overview of the concept of Clifton Strengths. It does not require anyone to do the Clifton strengths assessment.


Are you ready to take control of your life?

Gemma - CuriousMonkey.co.uk's Coach
This is me...

I first got hooked on the Strengths approach when I was working as a Director of Human Resources. I was fascinated why some colleagues seem to be a perfect fit for both their role and their team and others seemed to be like square pegs in round holes.

Discovering my own talents using Clifton Strengths was a game-changer for me both personally and professionally.

I was able to finally figure out who I was and more importantly who I was not! This breakthrough led me right into coaching.

I now work with expats around the world to find and discover your natural talents. Once you know, love and use your talents, life as an expat gets a whole lot easier. (So does parenting and marriage!)

As well as being a certified strengths coach with an ICF accredited qualification, I am also a wife, a mother of two young children and a British expat. I have been fortunate enough to live and work in many places across the UK, US, UAE and currently Sri Lanka.

I made a promise that wherever we go in the world I would have a life in which I can use my natural talents every day.

I love helping other expats do the same.